Lynda Minter is an artist based in South West London.

With a big passion for the river Thames and her aspiration to discover new places and views, Lynda is capturing the atmosphere of cityscapes and landscapes with her paintings.

Following her graduation with BA Hons from London's Central St. Martins School of Art, she worked at Sotheby's and Christie's which she calls her universities.


"As I live in Fulham, the river has been a big source of inspiration on my work. particularly love when the tide is out to see the beautiful patterns the water makesas it does in low tide.

On my trips to the country, I enjoy being often the only person walking or cycling along. I take my camera or my sketchbook, charcoal and ink and let my hand instinctively draw"

By using big brushes, lots of paint, Lynda is painting instinctively, letting go, reworking, and taking risks, Lynda aims to creates images which have a life of their own.

Lynda has had numerous solo and group exhibitions including Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, River & Rowing Museum where she was an artist in residence and Royal Regatta in Henley. From 2006-2019 she exhibited at the Discerning Eye, and at the Dover Street Arts Club with her solo exhibition in 2006.


Professor Ken Howard,


“Painting is about the hand the heart and the head” and that’s what you get when you see one of Lynda Minter’s paintings”

William Packer,

Financial Times Art Critic

“Lynda Minter is a natural painter, her handling of paint rich and free on the surface, and impressively sure in its scope and sweep”

Lucy Dorrien Smith ,

Tresco Abbey

"I am standing in front of the loveliest seascapes and I am thinking that this was created by a truly talented artist"

Lynda Minter

Mobile 07793 530793